Dia Mundial do Squash – 13 de Outubro


A Federação Nacional de Squash apoia esta iniciativa e incentiva todos os clubes e associações a promoverem o Dia Mundial do Squash no próximo dia 13 de Outubro!

Apresentação Oficial – World Squash Day

World Squash Day 2018 gives every club and federation the chance to join forces on one special day to tell the world all about the fantastic game of squash.
World Squash Day is endorsed by the World Squash Federation, the PSA World Tour, England Squash and many other national federations.
As well as hosting Open Days to attract newcomers to squash, we can also “think outside the box” to become more involved with our local communities.
This gives every club the opportunity to be as creative as they like. As well as partnering with schools and youth groups, and other sports clubs, we would love to see clubs engaging with major employers to promote the well-known health benefits of squash.
Many clubs have empty courts during daytime or off-peak hours. What better way to serve your local community than by engaging with youth organisations to help underprivileged young people (the homeless or unemployed, for example) and offer them free use of those courts.

Sport in general, and a healthy game like squash in particular, can help young people achieve some shape and structure in their lives.
Plans are already taking shape for World Squash Day to partner with a number of youth groups.

We would love to hear from coaches and federations who would be keen to launch urban squash programmes in their communities.

Our motto for World Squash Day 2018 is “Think Outside The Box To Grow The Game”.
Looking forward to receiving and sharing some great ideas.

(Founder, World Squash Day)


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