Oporto Squash Masters 2022 – 2nd day


    We’re here at Proracket Squash e Padel on 15 January of 2022. It seems like forever since the last time that we hosted the Masters here in Portugal.

    Almost 100 athletes, representing 18 countries, are showing off the agility, endurance and power needed to win the competition.

    Thank you all for coming and keeping following the rules so that everyone has a safe tournament.
    Good games to you all.

    As we’ve been doing for most of the competitions all games are being transmitted live on the Proracket club’s Facebook.

    For the ones that aren’t there but want to get the hands into some “Squash @ Portugal” swag they can get it here: https://www.drop-shot.com/loja/gb/56-fnsquash


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