Oporto Squash Masters 2022 – Just WOW!


    Finishing these adrenaline powered 3 days we can safely say that we’re just overwhelmed. What a turn-out!

    98 athletes, from 18 countries, came to our beautiful city of Porto, making Proracket Squash e Padel the perfect show-room for such excellence and experience in Squash.

    It is great to see everyone back to the court, in one of the first competitions of 2022.

    Thank you everyone who came to play and support the athletes. It was heartwarming to see so much love for our sport.

    In the Women’s Division the winners were:
    35+ 🇮🇪 Siobhan Parker
    50+ 🇪🇸 Rosa Andres

    While in the Men’s Division:
    35+ 🇩🇪 Heiko Schwarzer
    45+ 🇪🇸 Javier Fernandez
    50+ 🇮🇪 David Ayerst
    55+ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Matthew Theodoris
    60+ 🇪🇸 Pedro Rios
    70+ 🇵🇹 Nelson Reis

    Full classification details at: https://www.europeansquash.com/sport/winners.aspx?id=CA20B23B-D2DC-4F06-AB58-395EA70E2DA2

    At the prize giving ceremony, José Aguiar thanked all the athletes and the effort of all the people involved in the organization. 

    Followed by Luís Ferreira, who spoke first as President of the Portuguese Squash Federation where he congratulated Jose Aguiar and all his team for being able to put up another successful Oporto Masters, as well to all to the players who managed to participate in this event, demonstrating that it is possible to go forward with squash tournaments with the right safety measures; next as Vice President of the European Squash Federation, Luis Ferreira asked all the players to give feedback about this tournament and to interact with their local federations so that we can, all together, contribute to the growth of our sport because Sport Cannot Stop and this event is the perfect proof of it.

    Hope you enjoyed as much as we did.
    Thank you so much for our hosts & organizers, you welcomed us so well!
    Hope to see you all next Year.

    Keep it safe!

    All photos by Nuno Alves


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